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EMPIRE BUILDER is a small independent film company. Our mission is to create well-written, top-notch, independent media. We develop and produce original stories. We also partner with independent creators and established producers to bring powerful visions to life & share them with others. 

Our premier feature, Solver, was crafted differently than your typical Hollywood fare from top to bottom. Our team shunned CGI in favor of old school filmmaking techniques: hand crafted props, clever camera skills, real materials – puzzles and machines that actually work. Solver wasn’t shot on the back lot at some studio, it was made in real places, with real history. We want to return an authenticity and art to the moviemaking process. It can be difficult to do things this way, but it’s what we believe.

As indie filmmakers, we face uphill battles in everything from contracts to distribution - actually getting our films in front of you, our fans, whether in theaters or online. The way things are typically done in the Hollywood system seems to leave everyone feeling shortchanged from creators to movie fans. We won't change that overnight, but we're working on it...

Great stories deserve to be told. Empire Builder exists to make that happen. We invite you to join us.